With the right skills, friends, knowledge and gear, it´s always go time.
Wind blows – go kitesurfing.Fresh powder, go ski mountaineering.
Sun shines, go thermaling with your glider or run up that mountain.
Everything is possible, that´s the mindset we´re living for.




You can’t define us by a sport, a place or people – NO OFFSEASON is a mindset which means to always make the best out of the year and the situation you are currently in. Combine that mindset with bravery, multiply it with skill and add a little bit of spice, and the outcome is NO OFFSEASON.




We are a small and well-chosen community around the world. Our home base is southern Germany, but we feel at home around the globe. Every single one of us is a good soul. So if you see someone else using our gear, feel absolutely free to talk to them! The energy will match & good things will follow.



The brand was founded in the Autumn of 2021, but the vision has been around for much longer.


Long time ago, there was a group of friends of alpine ski racing athletes. Soon they discovered backcountry skiing and stopped training on piste. The racing club was not amused about it and decided to stop supporting them, so they did their own thing. "SHREDDYS" was born, a group of 15 hardcore ski enthusiasts, who filmed everything they did the whole year around, had monthly VLOGS and did yearly season recap films and parties.


We were doing all sports, in every condition, all of the year. We had no limits anymore, so we basically could fill every single day of the year with a cool activity. It did not matter anymore if it was raining or stormy, we just went kitesurfing instead. Max - the soon to be founder of NO OFFSEASON - discovered the sport of paragliding. This incredbile sport would soon take over his whole life. The YouTube Channel "Never Offseason" was born.


Determined to create a brand with a limitless, freedom craving vision, Max founded the brand of NO OFFSEASON in the autumn of 2021. The first product, the legendary Classic Multiscarf, was very selectively only handed out to kind and authentic people who shared the same vision.
Soon a community of like minded people formed around the Multiscarf, leading to many cool moments, where people all over europe instantly connected. All that just because of wearing a black and white multiscarf, but which meanwhile represented a whole mindset.

X-ALPS // breakthrough

Athletes all over Europe are wearing our products. Max meanwhile became a professional paragliding pilot, launching the brand into the world with his participation at the famous Red Bull X-Alps with NO OFFSEASON as his sponsor. The community has been growing a lot, losing a bit of its hand selected authenticity in its progress, but still remaining absolutely true to the vision.


We create the world´s first custom developed t-shirt for Hike&Fly athletes. More technical high quality products are following. The brand is growing above its former niche sport of paragliding to all sports.

Welcome to the mindset!

Thanks for your support,